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It's the smallish things that capture my interest; the tiny moments during the day when my son Josh and are just living, playing, loving, learning. I have to catch myself and consciously say, "Remember this." I try to capture those fleeting moments, those little glimpses of our life with my camera, no matter how small they are, for it is all those tiny tidbits that add up to make life beautiful.


Scrapbooking and photography go hand in hand to me! Outside of that, love love love to be outdoors in whatever capacity I can: hiking, fishing, camping, biking, riding quads (a family fav!) critter catching... Umm, fav poets; Whitman, AE Housman, Frost and Yeats. I still fondly remember my pop-pop reading verious passages to me in his garden. I am homeschooling my son and loving the journey! I hope to follow the Montessori philosophy this year and keep a blog to record our ups and downs!