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June 16, 2006



{{{HUGS}}} Sweetie! You are one strong girl! I am so admiring you right now!!

Lene S

While reading this post I have gone through so many different kind of emotions. Flash back memories.... Sadness, anger, hopelessness, bitterness ...and then HOPE. Thank u so much for sharing your story, it´s heartbreaking yet full of hope. I don´t know you, but I still want to give you a big hug;o)

Kelly Slattery

You are AMAZING!! I am proud of you for choosing to give your son a great mother! Thank you for sharing your story :o)


wtg...I have chills...
you are amazing...
& yes.
You did right by God & you will *feel* the happiness!
you are my hero!


Lara Moss

wow - you are amazing! Don't know how you cope with all you have on.


ack! how does one get in touch with you lol where's ur email addie i wanted to respond to the comment u left on my bloggy!!:)



Kaci Jackson

I feel a kinship to you. I too struggle with anger-rage really. I try to not let the poison seep into my children and husband, but I can see that I have not done so well. I too have trouble being happy. Your words about fighting gravity are exactly how I feel. What do you tell yourself, how do you let go of resentment-of things not going the way you envision? I never want to live the life I led growing up when things were so out-of-control. My mother was the same as yours, different demons but manifested in the same way-neglect. I'm still stuck in the mire.


Oh my!
I don't know you but your history deeply touched me, and I must say you're such a STRONG woman for going through all this and yet be able to look into yourself and want to work with yourself and strive to rise above it......*big hugs*


Like you I have much the same issues. I was sexually abused by two male family members one in my immeadiate family,also verbally and emotionally abused by my dad.I took care of him till he died in feb but like you i still have deep seated anger that I am dealing with and bitterness about a few things like infertility and all. YOur honesty touched me and like you I am trying to change my mindset. I so know what you are going thru and if you ever need to talk email me. If you ever want to save some money blogger is free while typepad isn't. That is why I switched sure it takes some time to learn how to work with it but I see it as a challenge. Good luck and come by and check my blog out.

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