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June 14, 2006



Good luck Susie! It'll be tough, but you can do this! And you'll feel so much better once you do.

Jolene George

Do you know how hard it is to admit something like this? You are strong and brave enough to conquer this problem. I think this is a wonderful and important challenge to tackle. I'm very proud of you!

Sharon Dodd

It is a difficult thing to conquer your finances. Much like our Christian walk, it is a process. I wanted to let you know about a resource I think is great: Dave Ramsey. He has several books out, and there is a 13 week course which is put on at many churches and some businesses at a very low cost called Financial Peace University. He also has a website. None of his ideas are rocket science and he points that out. It's a matter of many simple, but difficult to make yourself do, things that will enable you to get your life and finances under your control so you can pay off your debts, and not have to worry when the phone rings. And he speaks from experience (He tells about his wife calling him at work when a bill collector asked her why she stayed married to a man who wouldn't pay their bills - and she was crying and called him at work to say she didn't know.) BTW, they are still married, and no longer in debt. I've actually visited the place just south of Nashville, TN where he does his radio show and visited with Dave, and volunteered a couple of times when he did Money Makeover Live events in the Oklahoma City area - he is very nice and lives what he talks about.
Sorry to be so long. email me any time (I did not get paid for this endorsement).

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