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June 08, 2006



Sweetie, you are amazing! Love this message - I so need to do this!! Thanks for all the advice - such an encouragement!!


Hi i just found your blog and i am so completely awed by your honesty and ability to let it 'all hang out' you are amazing and strong and beautiful and determined! I am definitely bookmarking this to return. Thank you. You've made me feel even more like scrapping and creating for the first time in a while!
As for simplify it reminded me of something an art teacher taught me on my first day of college that i've put to all areas of my life
he said to KISS everything you do
K I S S - Keep It Simple Stupid.
Without fail, when something gets too complicated or seems like i'm knee deep in it i remember to kiss it and it helps me to simplify and to see it for what it really is. You're doing a great job of this already! Keep it up thank you for the awesome posts!

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